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Month: May 2019

Hempworx CBD Oils and serving sizes.

So a little education on Hempworx CBD Oils and serving sizes. Each bottle of Hempworx CBD contains 1000 drops of CBD oil. If you are taking the 750mg then each drop contains .75mg of CBD. If you are taking the 500, each drop contains .5mg of CBD. Knowing this gives you incredible granular control over your serving and finding you sweet spot. But how do you know how much to take? That’s a great question that has no definitive answer. It really depends on you, your body and what you are trying to accomplish. There are tons of charts online that “recommend” a certain amount of CBD for specific conditions. You can look these up for yourself, but you will find very little consistency between different charts. The best answer is to “feel” your way to the proper serving size. Start low and slow and work your way up. The Hempworx bottle will tell you to take 20 drops, but my understanding is that is the MAX serving, and the consensus in the Hempworx community is to start with 3-5 drops. I am posting this chart, as it seems to validate what I am hearing from other affiliates and long time Hempworx customers. Apparently, less is more, at least when you are starting out. Order Now Please follow and like us:

The HACK – How to get started selling Hempworx with very little money

The HACK – How to get started selling Hempworx with very little money (the following article is for those people who THIRST to indulge their entrepreneurial spirit and desire to achieve success even in the face of financial hardship) Hello all, So probably the most common question I receive is how do I start this business when I cannot afford the product? Or I’ll get comments like, “I cannot do it this month”, or “I have to wait for my check”, or some variation of that. Hey, I get it. I have lived month to month myself. It’s hard to jump into something like this when groceries, rent/mortgage, school lunches, utilities and gas to get around all comes first. So first, let’s go back to just what is required to become a selling associate. Basically, you must purchase a product, like a bottle of 500mg CBD or 750mg CBD oil, to qualify as a “Builder”. That’s basically the “Beginner” level. Then all you have to do is pay a $20 affiliate fee. This fee basically pays for a starter pack that will be delivered to you. It contains some great training materials, some example marketing material and a little bit of swag. Mine had pop sockets (which my family stole), some pens and a sticker. So.. how much does all that cost together. Well, if you get the 500mg bottle ($69) plus the fee ($20), plus S&H ($8.95). So, $97.95 is the lowest amount to get started. Wait, you don’t have a spare bill laying around right? $100 is nothing to sneeze at and you barely have gas money. What I am about to tell you is NOT recommended by myself. I only mention it because some of you are so HUNGARY for success. Some of you want to achieve so bad and the ONLY thing really holding you back is money. And that my friends.. Well, that sucks. So, here is the HACK.. And it’s pretty simple really. Sell your FIRST bottle, before you are an “official” affiliate. So, it works like this. Find a friend or family member who is interested in trying CBD. Tell them you are getting into the CBD business and will gladly order their first bottle for them to try. If you can convince them to try the 500mg, then collect $69 + $8.95 S&H = $77.95 from them. Then once you have the money deposit into your bank account that has a debit card, go online to my Order Page – Hit the “SHOP NOW” button and create your account and purchase the product UNDER YOUR NAME and SHIPPED TO YOU. Then when the product comes to you, just deliver it to your first customer. The next time they order, walk them through creating their own account. Using this method covers the bulk of your first purchase. You will still need to come up with the $20 fee. Whatever you do, don’t try to pass that to your customer as they will notice the difference in price the next time they order. Plus, if you really, really want to do this business.. You CAN come up with $20. Mow a yard.. Dig around in your couch cushions. You can do it. So, what are the drawbacks to this method of getting started? The biggest in my mind is that, using this method, you don’t get to use the product yourself. Seriously, and I mean this from the bottom of my heart, Hempworx CBD oil is the best stuff on earth, IMHO. If you cannot afford to use it yourself, you cannot get the benefits and therefor you cannot give your future potential customers your PERSONAL TESTIMONIAL. Being able to share your success stories with potential customers is a KEY selling point and will help you make your business more personal and reputable. But IF you are really, really motivated to get started and if you have the drive and ambition to succeed and the only thing that is holding you back is money. Well, this is your HACK, to get started. Good Luck. I am here for you. Text or PM me and I will answer your questions the best that I can and help you on the road to your own success in the Hempworx CBD business. –Wayne CampbellA Hempworx Independent Affiliate Start your success journey NOW Please follow and like us: