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New THC-Free Broad Spectrum CBD

Amazing News!!

New THC-Free Broad Spectrum CBD oil from Hempworx! Broad Spectrum contains all the beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes from the whole hemp plant and still contains no THC. Broad Spectrum is a more effective product than CBD Isolate because of the additional fatty acids and terpenes. We use the highest quality CO2 extraction process to offer you best THC-Free CBD product on the market. Click the Order Now button at the top of the page to see all our wonderful products! Please follow and like us:

Hempworx Hair and Body Care

Hempworx New Hair and Body Care Announcement

HAIR CARE Hemp seed oil, not to be mistaken for CBD, is a clear, green oil made by cold-pressing organic hemp seeds. What makes hemp seed oil so special is that it is packed with beneficial hair care supplements such as omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, 10 essential amino acids, fiber, plant-based protein, and tons of other vitamins that balance out oil production and keep your hair looking and feeling its very best. ORIGINAL FORMULA – Restore beauty to all hair types with HempWorx Original Formula Shampoo, Conditioner, and Hair Mask. DEEP HYDRATION – Keep dry, damaged hair hydrated and healthy with Deep Hydration Shampoo, Conditioner, and Hair Mask. HAIR SERUM HempWorx Hair Serum uses the natural power of organic, cold-pressed hemp seed oil to make your hair feel smooth and look radiant without weighing it down. Tame frizz and shine bright with powerful CBD-free products from HempWorx. HAND & BODY LOTION Our Hand & Body Lotion is packed with hemp seed oil to help hydrate skin from head to toe. This nourishing formula contains shea butter for deep hydration and natural minerals that work with your body to soothe dry skin, contribute to a healthy and radiant glow, and is the perfect addition to your daily skincare routine. Go to our main page for more info and ordering options. Please follow and like us:

Hempworx Hair Mask

New HEMP based hair care products from Hempworx!

Presenting… this beautiful new hair care line that was revealed at the Hempworx convention this past weekend!💦🌸🍃 We all know the benefits of hemp in our daily lives if we take CBD oil, but here is a whole new way to experience more benefits of hemp! When you put hemp oil on your hair, it can help your hair grow faster, thicker, and longer. Why? Hemp oil contains fatty acids including Omega 3, Omega 6, and Omega 9. These fatty acids can help to stimulate hair growth. The proteins in hemp also stimulate hair growth. 💦🌸🍃 These are our new products: Shampoo 🌱 Conditioner 🌱 Hair Serum 🌱 Hair Mask 🌱 Hand and Body Lotion!! ✨ Organic ✨ Cold-pressed hemp seed oil ✨ Vegan ✨ Gluten free ✨ Sulfate free ✨ Sodium chloride free ✨ Paraben free ✨ Cruelty free 👇🏼Our hair care products are safe for color-treated hair. They have no sodium chloride or parabens and can be used with all hair types. Check out the full line of hair care products on my site! Need more info…just ask me. or Visit Hempworx Hair Serum Please follow and like us:

MDC Announces Mantra Essential Oils

According to Wellness Beliefs dating back thousands of years your body possesses an unspoken wisdom, that we seek to enhance. These sources of energy, know as your shakra’s, lend power to your everyday pursuits and guide your state of well being throughout the day. We created Manta essential oils to help you tap into these innermost points of energy. Manta essential oils are natures sources to align your energies, calm your senses, and connect with your inner self. We invite you to experience each blend traditionally used for it’s own therapeutic properties. Balance the connection between mind, body and spirit. Manta Essential Oils – Order today! – Please follow and like us:

EXCITING NEWS! Higher Concentrated 1500mg Tinctures are now available!

EXCITING NEWS! Higher Concentrated 1500mg Tinctures are now available! Higher Concentrated Tinctures. These Full Spectrum 1500mg Tinctures contain 30mg of CBD per serving and are $149 (100BV). If you are already a customer, Login to your account, click on shop, and place your order. These tinctures have already started shipping and we cannot wait for you to try them! New Customer? Click the button to below to read more about it an to order. More Info / Order To Your Success, Please follow and like us:

Hempworx CBD Infused Fruit Gummies

If you haven’t heard the news, HempWorx CBD Gummies are HERE!

Snack your way to relief with our healthy and delicious CBD-Infused Fruit Gummies. These gummies contain 10mg of CBD each and come in assorted flavors of lemon, orange, and grape. How are HempWorx CBD-Infused Gummies different from the competition? The Competition: Most brands are using isolateSub-par ingredients including preservatives and chemicalsSprayed on CBD versus infusedMany brands contain ingredients that are considered possible carcinogensMay contain titanium dioxideInconsistent shapes, sizes, colors, and textures HempWorx Gummies: All-natural coloringAll-natural flavoringNo artificial sweetenersMade with 0.0% THC Broad Spectrum Hemp OilGluten-FreeDelicious Fruit Flavor ProfileQuality ingredientsConsistent shape, size, and texture Get your Gummies Today Click here for Gummies! Please follow and like us:

Arthritis Foundation Releases First CBD Guidance for Adults With Arthritis


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buy CBD oil online questions

Questions you should ask, before you buy a CBD Product.

Does the Company do third party testing and are they willing to share the results? If the company you are investigating does NOT do third party testing or if them providing you the results of the testing is like pulling teeth, you should beware. These tests are designed to list contaminants, solvents and cannabinoid content. Brands should be HAPPY to share these test results with you and if they are not transparent with the results, you should run for the hills. Something is not right. Hempworx, with whom this site’s owner is an affiliate, has all it’s third party testing available from their main page. Click here for more info Where does their CBD come from? Hemps point of origin is important for two reasons; If your CBD isn’t from the U.S., it’s probably not legal and, if they can’t tell you where the farms are, they probably do not know themselves. Hempworx industrial hemp is all grown on Kentucky farms. Is it organic?  CBD is an agricultural product. If you’re worried about whether your kale is organic, you should take the same approach to CBD. Currently the USDA has been slow to label hemp farms organic, so the only way to tell if your product is actually organic is to study the lab results. Hempworx uses all natural organic processes and their products are 100% natural and NON GMO. Is it full-spectrum or Isolate? Full-spectrum CBD is made with an extract that contains all or nearly all of the compounds naturally present in the cannabis plant. This obviously includes CBD, as well as other cannabinoids (THC, CBN, CBC, and CBG to name just a few), terpenes, flavonoids, and much more. CBD isolate, on the other hand, contains only CBD. CBD companies can achieve this either by isolating CBD from cannabis extract, or by making it artificially in a lab. Most people believe full spectrum has an advantage over CBD as it encourages the entourage effect. This is the theory that the multiple cannabinoids and other chemicals in the plant can work better together, synergistically, then when isolated. The problem with this though is that Full Spectrum will have trace amounts of THC, which can show up on a Drug test. The CBD Isolate products, will not contain THC. Many companies are working on creating a “Broad Spectrum” product, that contains everything EXCEPT the THC.. Hempworx CBD Oils are currently available as both FS and Isolate. Does the label list the amount of actual CBD in the bottle? Products called hemp oil or hemp extract may contain little-to-no actual CBD. Unless the label tells you how much CBD is in the bottle and how much CBD there is per serving, you can’t be sure it’s legit. Hempworx CBD products will tell you exactly how much CBD is in each product with either per serving or per bottle. Our 1ml bottles come in 2 concentrations, either 500mg or 750mg per bottle. Since there is 1000 drops per bottle, you can calculate that to .5mg or .75mg per drop respectively. Please follow and like us:

Next Big Thing!

This video is from Jenna Zwagil, one of the founders of Hempworx and My Daily Choice. In this video she is teasing the next big thing that will fall under the MDC umbrella of companies. It sounds like it’s going to be big! If you join Hempworx / MDC NOW you will be pre-positioned to take advantage of these new products and make even more money. The Hempworx and My Daily Choice products are already huge money makers. I cannot wait to see what Josh and Jenna come up with next. I have no doubt that they will create even more millionaires with these new products. Don’t believe me? Hempworx is only about 3 years old. Last year they did over $100,000,000 in sales. 100 MILLION. They will be a billion dollar company before too long. But here is the thing, 85% of that, goes back to the affiliates as payouts in one form or another. Do you want to have a real opportunity to make real money? Hit me up today. But only if you are serious and are willing invest your time and energy in building a better future for yourself and your family. Please follow and like us:

Oil vs water

Oil Soluble Vs. Water Soluble CBD Oil

This is so very important please read if you are taking CBD or interested in learning about its health benefits!Ever wonder what “Water Soluble” means? 🤔 It sounds really good right? Let’s talk purity, ingredients, and why water soluble is NOT good! 😔All CBD has a standard rate of absorption due to the way it’s chemically structured and how your cells work. Just as your lungs can only absorb oxygen at a set rate, CBD can only be absorbed so fast by your body. All CBD has the same bioavailability as well, the only way that can change is by changing how it’s administered into your body.When you take a CBD oil sublingually, it’s absorbed right into your bloodstream at 98% absorption. From there it is 100% bioavailable in your body for 8-12 hours. 😀When you take a “water soluble” CBD you digest it.The chemical structure and polarity of the CBD is chemically changed during the process of manufacturing so that the CBD will survive the harsh conditions of the digestive system.Even with this, some of the effectiveness and potency is lost due to how it’s made to be water soluble and the effect your digestive system has on it.No CBD company has publicly stated the exact process of how they make their CBD oil into a water soluble product. This is because oils are NOT naturally water soluble, so it takes some HARSH solvents and detergents to reverse the polarity of the oil and encapsulate it in these chemicals so they will dissolve in water. (definitely not natural)😢Because this process is so harsh and uses such nasty chemicals, CBD companies have all patented their supposed nano-technology CBD as “proprietary processes”, that way they don’t have to tell the public how they make it. Essentially they are legally hiding it from you.Anyway, let’s put it this way. You take 5mg of CBD sublingually. It goes directly into your bloodstream, starts working within 5-10 minutes and lasts 8-12 hours, with the effects decreasing over time due to your body using up the CBD, thereby decreasing the amount in your bloodstream.Then let’s say you take 5mg of water soluble CBD. You have to wait about an hour for it to digest and then start to go through your body, of course liver enzymes will have an effect on this as well. The 8-12 hours of bioavailability has thus been impacted so your water soluble CBD actually only last 6-10 hours.If your CBD oil is not a greenish/golden color with only 2 ingredients (3 if it is naturally flavored)… It isn’t pure.Don’t ‘t be tricked by fancy words and unsupported and unproven claimsCBD does not need to be alerted for your body to absorb it better! Please follow and like us: