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Don’t you deserve to feel better?

Don’t you deserve to feel better?

Well… here’s something that I wanted to share, since it even surprised me.

Yesterday I trained harder than normal and paid the price for it.

See, I have 2 shot shoulders that stem from my motorcycle accident… I mean, they are bad… real bad!

In fact, I was told several years back that I need them both replaced. But being that I am only 50, and you get about 10 years from a replacement (and you can only have 1 in a lifetime)… I am too young now to have the surgeries.

So.. that being said… I measure my pain, not by ever being totally pain-free, but by Degrees/Level of what I care to notice and endure.

When I over-train, I am in real pain… the type that keeps me up at night, since it is next to impossible to find a comfortable position…. one that allows me to not notice the throbbing/aching pain that comes from doing too much. And since I tend to like to sleep on my side… the weight of compressing my shoulder… well.. you get my point.

I knew what was coming as I readied myself for bed.. pretty normal at this point in my life… blasting my body, ignoring the ‘warning signs’ means paying the price! Exactly why I stopped training for years until recently…

And yes… childish I suppose… going against better judgment, and warning signs as an adult, is, well.. stupid. But I’m stubborn.. so be it! I will forever struggle in my mind over issues of fun, consequences, and trying not to be an adult-kid!

Okay… now to my point of writing this. Sorry… I always like to set the stage for things!

As many of you know by now… I have been taking and promoting the use of CBD’s. They have helped me, and many of you, in really great ways. And some, profoundly!

Well, since I am a physical mess, both inside and out… and a little mental as well?!?! LoL I don’t set expectation too high when it comes to my physical improving too much. But in some ways it has improved quite a bit… and that says a lot.

I am a realist… I don’t place the bar too high… at least not at this point in my life. However… when something does indeed change… and in a significant amount, well… it’s both more noticeable and appreciated.

Last night fits this category. I was a mess… real pain. I have a high threshold for pain, not because I am a tough guy, but with having to endure it for close to 30 years now… one either becomes more tolerant and builds a wall against it, or you just cash in your chips, and call it a life!

I made a commitment to my higher-source, and myself, that I would return to this reality to finish business… I’m not tapping for anything!

I took my CBD’s before bed… l hit the sheets and was in agony for the first 15 minutes or so. I really thought that I was going to have a terrible night of it.

Well, to my surprise. I started to feel a little better… to the point of falling asleep. And the next thing that I remember… waking up this morning and feeling pretty damn good for what I faced before falling asleep.

I tell this story.. I share it to you all, since this is a huge difference for me to experience. I am far from pain-free, and never will be, since the structural damage is just that… permanent damage to the structure… and nothing can change that. But for what I was able to benefit from last night… well.. that’s a huge battle won in the continue war that I face with pain.

If CBD’s can contribute positively in whatever way they have with someone like myself… I can only speculate what they would do for someone with far less to face, or need. I am proof… to myself, and hopefully, to many of you that would so benefit from how they could contribute to both a better life and well-being!

This is not a sale’s pitch! It is a friend that is expressing himself in ways that I would normally keep closer to the vest. I share it with hopes that those of you that continually talk yourselves out of at least trying them… may decide to try them now! There’s something to them… isn’t your health worth the investigation… don’t you deserve to feel better?? I hope so!

Wishing you all the best!! -Be Well…

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