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I highly recommend CBD to anyone and everyone.

I highly recommend CBD to anyone and everyone.

In March 2016 I was in a car accident that resulted with a low back injury. I am allergic to most pain medications and I didn’t have any source for pain relief other than using essential oils and OTC meds. I did get some relief from the essential oils but developed a skin reaction and I had to quit using them. I did chiropractic, therapy and pain management all with only temporary relief. In October 2018 I was introduced to HempWorx CBD and that was a game changer for me.

I was able to get some relief to survive the day and actually sleep at night. Even though I was limited with my activities and bending and lifting I was able to feel mostly human and have some sort of quality of life until I was able to get back surgery to correct the problem.

On May 7th, 2019, I had major back surgery – lumbar fusion – to my lower back. I was able to come home on May 10th for complete bed rest for two weeks. Once I left the hospital I did not continue with pain meds/muscle relaxers because all of these left me with some type of side effect. I strictly used my CBD and my recovery has gone very well. I suffered with minimal pain and have had good energy. I am so thankful that I have CBD for my recovery. What a difference it has made for me and I am completely impressed with how good I feel considering all that I have been through.

I highly recommend CBD to anyone and everyone. With 60-day money back guarantee it is risk free!! Why wait?? I am so, so thankful for HempWorx and what an amazing community of kind, supportive individuals. WOW!!

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