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That has got to speak volumes

That has got to speak volumes

This is my own personal testimony :

I’m 35 now , For about 7 years i had been suffering chronic full body pain , increased anxiety , vertigo , low metabolism , severe sleep deprivation , and just all around crappy feeling all day every day! 
I’d seen a total of 11 specialist with in a years time , being poked and prodded like a lab rat .

End result was a diagnosis with fibromyalgia , crohns , vertigo , endometriosis , pcos , as well as b-12 & iron deficiency and severe vit d3 deficient.
I’d also had multiple miscarriages and one tubal pregnancy over the course of 5 years .
I Was told that the chance of me conceiving again at this point in my life was just not in the cards .
Fun times! 😒😒
None of which are life threatening but life altering was a major understatement . My life was drastically different and i was unable to actually “live my life”
4 years ago i lost all hope to say the least.
I was miserable ! At one point i was taking 14 meds A DAY! Some of which carried heavy warnings of addiction possibilities … not to mention the horrible side effects! I mean horrible!
I was introduced to cbd 2 years later and fast forward to today … I’m off all meds except for my vitamin d3 and the occasional shot in the butt for b-12 , I’m also 20 weeks pregnant !
That has got to speak volumes .
Now i am an affiliate for hempworx and feel like I’m actually doing some great work !
What do we really have to lose besides a cabinet full of prescription bottles ?!

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