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Hempworx and CBD Oil Testimonials

Welcome to the Hempworx Testimonials page where you will find only real stories from real people using Hempworx CBD oil. I hope these true stories inspire you to take the next step and TRY CBD oil for yourself. Below is the submission form. Please feel free to submit your own testimonial about how CBD has changed your life. Your submission will go live after admin approval (to prevent spam). Testimonials are below the form.


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This stuff is great

So I have been using HempWorx CBD oil for some time now. I did not really know what to expect when I started taking it, but I am so glad I did. My Anxiety, which I have been suffering from for years, has completely subsided. My sleep is much better. I used to only get 1-3 hours per day, because I could not get to sleep. I’d just lay there and not be able to shut myself down, until total exhaustion hit . Now, I’m asleep in minutes and sleep straight through all night. The joints in my hands, have been hurting for a few years as well. I’d day the pain has decreased by about 40-50%. Another thing I have noticed, is that my neck and shoulder pain has decreased as well. I am so happy with this product.

Wayne Campbell

More to my story

Writing this will be a little difficult for me. I am a very private person. I don’t generally share my deeply personal stuff, even with close friends, let alone the internet.. About a year ago my world can crashing down on me. Circumstances in my life brought me to my knees, literally. And for the last year I have suffered every kind of low you can imagine. I have struggled with depression and anxiety. My whole life, I have been the kind of person who insists that there is nothing that can bring me down. You get knocked down, you pull yourself up by your bootstraps and carry on. But this time, I allowed myself to become mired in dark thoughts. I withdrew from pretty much everyone. I allowed myself to spiral deep within myself and wallow in self pity and regret. Blaming myself when I was not to blame. I was a mess. A few short weeks ago, I started taking CBD oil and it helped to bring me back to my life. Yes, I still feel the pain of the circumstances that brought me down, but the CBD oil has helped me gain perspective. I’m not really sure how it works, but it has helped me seperate myself from the situation. It’s like the circumstances that brought me down are walled off. I can still see it, but it’s like it’s in a box. I can hold the box in my hands, turn it, and see the situation from many different angles with an objectivity that I just didn’t have before. Just a few short weeks ago, I was no closer to feeling better then I was 6 months ago. Then I tried the CBD oil. Within days I noticed that my anxiety was pretty much gone. I was getting sleep again too. Something that has been elusive for much of the last year. I started feeling better. I started to be able to analyze myself and my situation objectively, with less emotion and more honesty. I am on the road to recovery, finally, and I absolutely believe in the CBD oils from Hempworx have saved me from years of self torture. I don’t sell Hempworx CBD oils to get rich. I don’t sell it to leave my job. I sell it because I believe in it. I’ve seen what is has done for me, and I want others to benefit from it as well.

Wayne Campbell



Just a few of the gripes or excuses I hear from people I talk to about CBD oil everyday. lol

I want to talk to you now about why I do what I do and why I feel as strongly about helping you as I do. If you are my friend you, by now, have most likely have heard the story about my dad with dementia and how CBD oil has helped him and us as a family. As amazing as that story is, and it is TRUST ME, that is only the tip of the iceberg.

You see he is only one member of my family that has benefited and there are many more.

I, for one, have benefited enormously.. better sleep, more energy, less aches and pain, better mood and on and on.

You’ve heard my wife’s story of having chronic arthritis in her knees that some days hurt so badly that she could barely get out of bed and her walking up to me 3 days after starting and doing 3 squats right in front of me and now most days walks without a limp or showing signs of pain.

I’ve mentioned in a few videos that my mom has gotten better sleep, has more energy and got relief from her varicose veins and swelling in her legs


My father in law has gotten better sleep and pain relief (It will get even better as we are working on his dose) 😊

My aunt has gotten relief from anxiety

Another aunt and uncles’s have had improvement in sleep and a sense of calm as well as pain relief

My cousin has had pain relief

Another cousin’s has gotten relief from depression and her sleep has improved dramatically

Her son’s is taking it for better sleep and anxiety

Another cousin’s has acute chronic late stage lyme’s disease which turned into a rare auto immune disease..

Her 2 sons have autism..anxiety and ADHD

Her husband’s has PTSD

Another cousin is starting now who has tendinitis & bursitis

Her sons are also just starting for ADHD and anxiety

and on and on and on..

This is why I do what I do. I literally could not do anything more for those folks than what CBD oil does.

Imagine being able to do the same for your family and friends!

Imagine changing lives one at a time for the better and being able to make money doing it!

Don’t wan’t to make money and don’t want to help your friends and family then do them a favor and give them the
name of the person that referred you.

Maybe you need relief. Maybe you want to feel better.

My friends, I am telling you this stuff works and is helping millions of people and we’d like to be able to help you and your friends and family too!


We quit his Adderall about a week ago!

Testimony! I started my son (He is 12) on 500 mg (thc free) Hempworx after we quit his Adderall about a week ago. His pediatrician told me to stop his Adderall after my son was having hallucinations. It terrified me that Adderall was doing this to him. I have always hated the side effects of prescription ADHD medications. I put my son on CBD about a week ago. I can already see a difference! He is calmer. He eats. He is not bouncing off the walls . He has far less anxiety. He is not relentlessly bugging his brother. He is sleeping!!! (He was up until 3 to 5 am every night for months on Adderall and nothing helped him get to sleep). I can already see it working peeps! I was crying a week ago because I hated the Adderall so much. I am going with my gut and not doing another prescription. His pediatrician was mad at me that I was considering CBD oil. Time for a new pediatrician is how I feel. She just wanted to put him on another drug. I will keep you posted on other improvements. I feel in my GUT that this is going to work.


Wish i could scream from every roof top HEMPWORX CBD ROCKS !!!!!

Hello my fellow cbd people.
Just wanted to share my experience.
I have been on Metformin for the last 10 years for diabetes type 2 and am aware of side affects.
That is what prompted me to do something to counter act that.
Numbers were creeping up but I didnt wish to up Metformin. I still do take my prescribed dosage of meds.
April 22nd monday i started 2x a day am/pm with 500 peppermint without thc. Started with 3 drops and upped to 5 drops am/pm.
I usually check first thing in the morning what my fasting numbers are…usually between 125 to 145.
So twice now randomly I checked during the middle of the day, 2 hours after a meal(should usually be higher) has been 101 and today was 108.
Does anyone have experience how cbd affected them with sugar levels?
I am also less anxious, more alert with a beautiful calmness with less aches and pain
Wish i could scream from every roof top HEMPWORX CBD ROCKS !!!!!

Sunita A.

No kennel, gate or door survived. We were at our wits end.

Testimonial. After the loss of her companion, my Golden Retriever (6yrs) now suffers from severe separation anxiety to the point of over $3,000 in damages to our home.  No kennel, gate or door survived. We were at our wits end.

A friend of mine suggested CBD oil for dogs. After some research, I purchased 250mg CBD oil. The positive results were immediate. 4.5 weeks ago we started our dog on CBD oil. We are very very happy with the results. I will recommend to anyone that has a dog who suffers from anxiety. We are no longer experiencing destruction. You have to find the right dosage. Our dog didn’t tolerate the full dose suggestion for her weight as she relaxed too much while sleeping and peed on our bed…ick. I wish we would have tried the oil on our dog sooner than we did.

Our dog is now pretty calm and isn’t panting, pacing or whining when we are getting ready to leave, and she isn’t destroying our home or howling constantly (watched security cameras) while we are gone. The only thing we notice is she visits each bedroom and leaves a toy on each bed and ruffles the blankets. I can live with that!

Kathy W.

This product has dramatically changed my life

I am writing this to inform Hempworx & all potential clients that this product has dramatically changed my life. I started using the 750mg oil in December ov 2018. I have since stopped using all OTC or Prescribed medicine from my doctors. I feel great, lots more energy & desire to be active again. It has also, helped me deal with my chronic back pain & more recently severe neck, shoulder and arm pain. The only way I can describe it is, I feel balanced, my body is naturally healing itself from head to toe and everywhere in between. I can’t thank Hempworx enough!

N. Elder

I’m in SHOCK!!!!! I’M SOOO HAPPY!!!!!

Received my product yesterday, started in the parking lot of the post office and then again last night…. Already the planter fasciitis has started to go away and the RLS is much less…. all within 2 doses!!!! I’m in SHOCK!!!!! I’M SOOO HAPPY!!!!!
Now to get friends & family on this!!!!!


I’m so thankful for this product and what it’s doing in my life.

My personal testimony. I started April 1st on CBD and could tell a difference after 3 days. I have had steroid shots in my back several times and been on and off prescription medications for several years for my neck and back pain. I was back to taking Tylenol and Motrin several times a day to help with the pain when I decided to try HempWorx. What a game changer! No medication on a daily basis other than HempWorx. I’ve recently been able to also not take my Addeall and estrogen for almost 1.5 weeks. 🙂 I was taking Motrin pm every night and now take the sleep spray. 🎉 🎉 🎊 🎊
I’m so thankful for this product and what it’s doing in my life.


Managing a bad day

Today is the anniversary of a very bad day in my life.  A year ago I discovered my wife having an affair with a POS from her work.  She left me for a time and even though we eventually got back together, I have experienced very bad depression and anxiety.  The CBD has helped me put my life back together.  I know that if I was not taking it, today would be full of crying and regret.  But I have been able to control myself.


this product is simply amazing!!!

Okay so I have a small testimonial. I have a pretty big varicose vein on my right calf. I have had it for at least ten years. It was raised and itched and hurt sometimes. I have been using the 500mg oil for about three months. I am using it for anxiety and insomnia. I noticed the other day that the vein is not noticeable anymore. The anti inflammation properties of this product is simply amazing!!!


I’ve been on 50-100 mg of anxiety and depression medication since 2016. Last month, I legitimately forgot to go refill it. I’ve been one month without my anxiety and depression medication that I’ve been taking going on four years. No withdrawal symptoms and no anxiety and panic attacks. All because I’ve been taking hempworx cbd oil morning and evening. Wow.


It truly works!

My youngest (8) has autism, ADHD, OCD, DMDD, and anxiety, and my middle (10) is suspected to have autism, has ADHD, ODD, DMDD, and IED. They have both shown major improvement with CBD! It helped them stay calmer, sleep better, focus a little better, and not have as bad of temper tantrums. I had to take them off for a while due to finances, and plan on putting them back on it (as soon as I talk to his doctor this week) to try to help again…the meds they have to take, to keep their SSI, isn’t working as well as when they were taking the CBD. This stuff is AMAZING! I let everyone know that CBD was the reason for their better behavior and focus! It truly works!


That has got to speak volumes

This is my own personal testimony :

I’m 35 now , For about 7 years i had been suffering chronic full body pain , increased anxiety , vertigo , low metabolism , severe sleep deprivation , and just all around crappy feeling all day every day! 
I’d seen a total of 11 specialist with in a years time , being poked and prodded like a lab rat .

End result was a diagnosis with fibromyalgia , crohns , vertigo , endometriosis , pcos , as well as b-12 & iron deficiency and severe vit d3 deficient.
I’d also had multiple miscarriages and one tubal pregnancy over the course of 5 years .
I Was told that the chance of me conceiving again at this point in my life was just not in the cards .
Fun times! 😒😒
None of which are life threatening but life altering was a major understatement . My life was drastically different and i was unable to actually “live my life”
4 years ago i lost all hope to say the least.
I was miserable ! At one point i was taking 14 meds A DAY! Some of which carried heavy warnings of addiction possibilities … not to mention the horrible side effects! I mean horrible!
I was introduced to cbd 2 years later and fast forward to today … I’m off all meds except for my vitamin d3 and the occasional shot in the butt for b-12 , I’m also 20 weeks pregnant !
That has got to speak volumes .
Now i am an affiliate for hempworx and feel like I’m actually doing some great work !
What do we really have to lose besides a cabinet full of prescription bottles ?!

Dani S.

so it’s definitely benefiting me

I wanted to share something that I feel that the CBD oil helped me with last night. I got sunburned on my neck and face yesterday and it hurt to touch my face or neck and with staying in a hotel right now I did not have any sunburn relief products and then I started thinking if the oil helps with so many things I wandered if I put a few drops on my face and my neck would it I tried it and I have to say it helped me within about an hour I no longer had any pain from the burn. Can I guarantee that for everyone no but it amazed me and on another note I think its helping my face which stays so dry so it’s definitely benefiting me.. just wanted to share


I feel more in control and calmer

Hey everybody! I wanted to share since it might help someone else out there reading this! I have been taking this product for roughly a month and a half and I can say my anxiety levels have been cut in half if not more. It took a few weeks for me to really feel a noticeable change. I have struggled with severe depression and anxiety and even though I do take something for depression, this had been the extra boost I needed for the anxiety. I feel more in control and calmer and can cope with situations instead of going into panic and stress mode. I look forward to taking it each morning and night! (5 drops morning and night)

I am NEVER getting off of my CBD oil again.

I started Hempworx CBD Oil 500mg w/no THC about 30 days ago. I needed to know if what I was selling would really work. I have been diagnosed with depression, fibromyalgia, anxiety, vertigo, seronegative RA, GERD, fatigue, gallstones, chronic pain, alopecia.. (I am sure I am forgetting at least one diagnosis, lol). I can truly say that I did not have to take any pain medicine for those 30 days. I stopped taking the CBD oil to see what the results would yield and low and behold, the pain returned. I am NEVER getting off of my CBD oil again. This is the best thing since sliced bread. I am ecstatic about how my life has improved. I am experiencing appetite suppression. PLUS my hair is growing back! Goodbye pain and hello break dancing, lol. Hemp really worxs! 

Dez Miller

Don’t you deserve to feel better?

Well… here’s something that I wanted to share, since it even surprised me.

Yesterday I trained harder than normal and paid the price for it.

See, I have 2 shot shoulders that stem from my motorcycle accident… I mean, they are bad… real bad!

In fact, I was told several years back that I need them both replaced. But being that I am only 50, and you get about 10 years from a replacement (and you can only have 1 in a lifetime)… I am too young now to have the surgeries.

So.. that being said… I measure my pain, not by ever being totally pain-free, but by Degrees/Level of what I care to notice and endure.

When I over-train, I am in real pain… the type that keeps me up at night, since it is next to impossible to find a comfortable position…. one that allows me to not notice the throbbing/aching pain that comes from doing too much. And since I tend to like to sleep on my side… the weight of compressing my shoulder… well.. you get my point.

I knew what was coming as I readied myself for bed.. pretty normal at this point in my life… blasting my body, ignoring the ‘warning signs’ means paying the price! Exactly why I stopped training for years until recently…

And yes… childish I suppose… going against better judgment, and warning signs as an adult, is, well.. stupid. But I’m stubborn.. so be it! I will forever struggle in my mind over issues of fun, consequences, and trying not to be an adult-kid!

Okay… now to my point of writing this. Sorry… I always like to set the stage for things!

As many of you know by now… I have been taking and promoting the use of CBD’s. They have helped me, and many of you, in really great ways. And some, profoundly!

Well, since I am a physical mess, both inside and out… and a little mental as well?!?! LoL I don’t set expectation too high when it comes to my physical improving too much. But in some ways it has improved quite a bit… and that says a lot.

I am a realist… I don’t place the bar too high… at least not at this point in my life. However… when something does indeed change… and in a significant amount, well… it’s both more noticeable and appreciated.

Last night fits this category. I was a mess… real pain. I have a high threshold for pain, not because I am a tough guy, but with having to endure it for close to 30 years now… one either becomes more tolerant and builds a wall against it, or you just cash in your chips, and call it a life!

I made a commitment to my higher-source, and myself, that I would return to this reality to finish business… I’m not tapping for anything!

I took my CBD’s before bed… l hit the sheets and was in agony for the first 15 minutes or so. I really thought that I was going to have a terrible night of it.

Well, to my surprise. I started to feel a little better… to the point of falling asleep. And the next thing that I remember… waking up this morning and feeling pretty damn good for what I faced before falling asleep.

I tell this story.. I share it to you all, since this is a huge difference for me to experience. I am far from pain-free, and never will be, since the structural damage is just that… permanent damage to the structure… and nothing can change that. But for what I was able to benefit from last night… well.. that’s a huge battle won in the continue war that I face with pain.

If CBD’s can contribute positively in whatever way they have with someone like myself… I can only speculate what they would do for someone with far less to face, or need. I am proof… to myself, and hopefully, to many of you that would so benefit from how they could contribute to both a better life and well-being!

This is not a sale’s pitch! It is a friend that is expressing himself in ways that I would normally keep closer to the vest. I share it with hopes that those of you that continually talk yourselves out of at least trying them… may decide to try them now! There’s something to them… isn’t your health worth the investigation… don’t you deserve to feel better?? I hope so!

Wishing you all the best!! -Be Well…

Scott H.

I WALKED unassisted, pain free for 5 HOURS!!

I just have to share another amazing testimony of my oil…I WALKED for 5 straight hours at Six Flags today, during rainy weather…with NO pain other than the typical walking too much feet are achy pain! 5 HOURS in RAINY weather!!!!! And…I’m still NOT in pain! Last year I cringed at the though of walking without my cane…Rain sent me into a week long flare up of excruciating pain…and I WALKED unassisted, pain free for 5 HOURS!!! I was able to ENJOY my family at an amusement park!! Something so small to most “I walked pain free” means the world to me.

Friends…if this isn’t making you question why you haven’t tried this, I don’t know what will? Seriously!!!

Shannon B.

I will never be without it again. That’s a promise…

I started taking 500 Full spectrum CBD oil exactly 4 weeks ago tomorrow. I was told it would help with my anxiety so that’s why I took it. Four weeks later I am here to tell you, It has helped my daily Pain in my head,( that I have dealt with for years due to some severe neck injuries from the past) the extreme pain in my joints, knees, elbows, fingers, lower back and feet pain! ☄️

All of that is excellent in fact it’s great. I would go a day or two without it just to see if it really was working and I definitely know what it feels like to be without it and what it feels like to be with it. I WILL NEVER GO WITHOUT IT AGAIN. But the kicker is I suffered with extreme depression for over three years. I have been napping almost every single day. I always felt extremely low on energy no matter what I did. I just couldn’t shake being so tired. But since I’ve been taking the CBD oil 🌱I have not taken a nap in almost 3 weeks now nor do I need one. And the clarity in my brain is so much stronger and clearer than it has ever been! ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Not to mention it has curbed my appetite and I have lost 14 pounds because I don’t want to eat junk food all day anymore.

A few nights back my husband told me for the first time in 17 years he has seen me more focused. And that it is nice to have his wife back. To me that is a complement! I was diagnosed with severe ADD in December. They gave me a medication that is supposed to help me. It barely helps. But I still take it because it helps a little. But what I have noticed is the CBD oil has helped me already more than 90% better than the medications they gave me.

I thank God for bringing this into my life. I have never used anything that works this incredible this quickly! ⚡️⚡️⚡️

I was a naysayer for almost a year. (anyone who knows me, knows I was scared to try this because I related it with drugs) And I finally gave in. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻And I thank God every day that I did.

I will never be without it again. That’s a promise…

L.L. Smith

I prayed to die…

I don’t think I remember sharing my own testimony in this group at all so here it is. My life for 10 years was like having the worst flu you could ever think of and never truly getting better. . I looked OK on the outside. People thought I was OK because I looked OK. I would go out horse riding sometimes with friends for therapy but any exertion would make me “Crash” afterward for days. Four years ago I prayed to die because it was hard to even get out of bed to do the dishes most days. My husband said “we would rather have you tired than dead. So please don’t ever say you don’t want to live anymore again.” I tried everything medically possible to get better. I saw many kinds of doctors and tried many prescriptions, natural remedies and diets. Nothing helped. I had given up on finding anything to help. Until now. I started using cbd oil a few months ago and nothing has ever helped me this much. I have my life back and am feeling better every day. I am happier every day and all the depression and anxiety I had with CFS is going away. A “side effect” was that my Chronic back/hip pain (that I had just learned to live with) was gone too! I am amazed! Shortly into this I thought “this is unbelievable! I have to share with others about it!” so I decided to make it easily available for anyone who would like to try it and signed up to become a distributor. I have since found that in order to use it people really need the support that I have needed. It is very bad to go buy it and start blasting our systems with 20 drops. Sometimes it takes a while for it to work because we are all different. I wanted to help others the way this has been helping me. I truly believe God is healing me through CBD oil and feel I need to share that healing with others.


I highly recommend CBD to anyone and everyone.

In March 2016 I was in a car accident that resulted with a low back injury. I am allergic to most pain medications and I didn’t have any source for pain relief other than using essential oils and OTC meds. I did get some relief from the essential oils but developed a skin reaction and I had to quit using them. I did chiropractic, therapy and pain management all with only temporary relief. In October 2018 I was introduced to HempWorx CBD and that was a game changer for me.

I was able to get some relief to survive the day and actually sleep at night. Even though I was limited with my activities and bending and lifting I was able to feel mostly human and have some sort of quality of life until I was able to get back surgery to correct the problem.

On May 7th, 2019, I had major back surgery – lumbar fusion – to my lower back. I was able to come home on May 10th for complete bed rest for two weeks. Once I left the hospital I did not continue with pain meds/muscle relaxers because all of these left me with some type of side effect. I strictly used my CBD and my recovery has gone very well. I suffered with minimal pain and have had good energy. I am so thankful that I have CBD for my recovery. What a difference it has made for me and I am completely impressed with how good I feel considering all that I have been through.

I highly recommend CBD to anyone and everyone. With 60-day money back guarantee it is risk free!! Why wait?? I am so, so thankful for HempWorx and what an amazing community of kind, supportive individuals. WOW!!


He said, “Keep it up, that’s all you need, it is doing the job”.

My husband has hereditary high blood pressure and has been on meds for 25+ years. He started using the oil several months ago. Yesterday he went in for a checkup and his pressure was low enough that they took him off meds. The doctor asked what he had been doing and he told him about the oil. The doctor knew about cbd and praised its benefits. He said, “Keep it up, that’s all you need, it is doing the job”.

Sharon B.

I tend to be such a skeptic when it comes to people or companies wanting my money.

I told myself I would not post on here until I was fully convinced of this product … day 14 and here I go.

In 2006 I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s, Fibromyalgia, Raynaud’s disease, Adrenal Fatigue and Chronic Fatigue. Since then, I have been diagnosed with 2 additional autoimmune diseases … and I suffer with a list of symptoms related to all these AIs.

I tend to be such a skeptic when it comes to people or companies wanting my money. However, I was desperate for something/anything (besides medication because of the side effects) to help me feel better and give me energy … energy is a key factor for me … so I decided to try Hempworx CBD Oil after being approached by an Instagram friend 🙂.

I am on day 14 of taking Hempworx CBD Oil 500 and I’m documenting everything daily. Immediately I noticed feeling calmer and a better sense of well-being. Last several years I have had the foggy feeling that comes with Fibro and Hashimoto’s both along with a short attention span but that is almost completely gone now.

Next, I have always been able to go to sleep but I would wake up every morning between 2-3 am then back to bed and I always woke up feeling tired. Now I sleep hard and sound. I may still wake up during the night occasionally but I go right back to sleep and I wake up early (around 6am) feeling refreshed and ready to go. This is a very weird feeling for me 🙂

Others were posting about how rubbing the oil directly on a spot helped their pain. Well I didn’t really believe that. But last week the joints of both my hands hurt from RA. I decided to rub 2 drops of oil completely across the knuckles of both hands and within 30 min the pain was gone and stayed gone until evening. I could grip hard and no pain. I would not have believed it if I hadn’t tried it myself.

Next, the Fibro causes me to have Myofascial pain. Specifically my pain goes from one jaw, through my tongue to the other jaw. The pain in my tongue is excruciating and puts me out for the evening. I also have extreme scalp tenderness in spots. The only prescription I would allow my Dr to prescribe for me is Ibuprofen 800 because I’m so sensitive to medication and just tried not to take them. They either sedate me, make me feel numb or put weight on me. It’s just a personal choice of mine. The Ibuprofin 800 barely helped, if at all. Well tonight, as a test, I rubbed the oil on each side of my jaw and with in 45 min the pain was almost completely gone.

Now, I do have other chronic pain that the oil has not done away with yet. I’m on my 14th day on CBD 500. If it never helped any more than it has already I would continue taking it because of the energy and clear headedness I feel. In fact, I ordered my daughter some today to help with her anxiety … I’m so convinced of this product. However, from what I’ve seen already and read, deep chronic pain may take the full serving amount so I’m hopeful that over the next couple of weeks I will be feeling even better.

Brenda C.

Thank you for letting me share my story…

Hi everyone! So I have been waiting to share my testimony, I wanted to see the validity of the product. I initially got the 500 CBD oil to help get me off of my bi polar medication. I have been taking Cymbalta 60mg and Lamictal 100mg for about 5 years. I Have been on and off all types of anxiety medication for years. I had yearly exam with my Dr and he was very concerned about my weight. He told me that the Lamictal with long time use can cause obesity. As if being 45 does not bring on its own challenges… Now let’s add to it my weight gain over the past 5 years. Recently, if you have used Cymbalta or any other anti depressant medications you know what “brain zaps” are. I have recently started getting them on my dose. I really did not want to switch medications or up my dosage again. Then I saw Jennifer post about HempWorx and CBD oil. I read the testimonials for a few weeks. Asked her a ton of questions… And finally decided to become a customer and an affiliate with this company.
As I was waiting for my order which seemed to take FOREVER, (only because I was anxious about getting started) I kept reading the testimonials that she would share. I started reading about how kids with anxiety disorder, ADHD, SAD and so many other ailments I knew I had to get my 14 yo daughter to take these drops. We have been dealing with a lot of emotions and depression with on the last year. I DID NOT want to get her on pharmaceutical medication. I wanted to give this a fair shot before I did.
Fast forward to today. 2 weeks taking the drops 5 2xs daily, with a couple drops in the afternoon.
I am titrating off of Lamictal still on cymbalta, but my sleep is better… Like 100% better. I am not as easily agitated and I can say that in 25 years of taking antidepressants I feel happy..I am actually able to think clearly.
My sinuses have been clearing, my hair is healthy, and I am loosing weight.
Fir my daughter.. 500- 3 drops 2xs daily She is HAPPPPPPYYYYY! anyone with a teenager knows what a HUGE mile stone this is. She is not depressed, her anxiety is gone, she has a smile on her FACE again . She laughs again and WANTS to be around me. This in and of itself is monumental… This is really what has sold me on CBD oil. My love, my life, my forever… My daughter is happy… Thank you for letting me share my story… Thank you Jennifer for your patience with my million questions and for your encouragement through this whole journey. I can’t wait to share more… Please feel free to share… God bless

B L E S S E D and thankful

1 year ago today, we decided to “take a chance” and try Hempworx with Emma for her seizures. I truly didn’t have high expectations, after all we were on plan G with absolutely no control.

👎🏼That’s 6 previous failed treatment methods over a year.
👎🏼That’s 5-12 clusters of seizures everyday.
👎🏼That’s a cluster every time she woke up from sleep. 
👎🏼That’s screaming and crying in between and after.
👎🏼That’s disruption from family activities.
👎🏼That’s my young children yelling “mom, Emma’s having a seizure!”

BUT GOD. 👉🏼👉🏼👉🏼Plan G 🙏🏼✝️🙏🏼✝️🙏🏼

🌱That’s reducing seizure meds.
🌱That’s no confirmed seizures FOR OVER 6 MONTHS.
🌱That’s waking up with smiles.
🌱That’s brighter smiles and laughing for the first time, and smiles and giggles everyday.
🌱That’s inclusion and freedom in all family events.
🌱That’s more special time playing with her siblings.

B L E S S E D and thankful 😭🙌🏼🙏🏼✝️

Yes, you may share. 😍

It helps my neck, hands, elbow.

I would be on pills which I hate doing everyday. The rubbing it in helps me get in touch with the pain I have to go through after the car axadent. It’s been 17years but I have used so many pills I can’t stand it anymore. This works so much more better for me and I believe it will do the same for others as well