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WARNING!!  It is highly recommended that you buy CBD oil online only from Hempworx Independent Affiliates, like us.  Purchasing from 3rd party sites, like Amazon, Ebay or other re-sell sites like that, could result in you actually receiving FAKE products.  This can happen with any brand.  Scammers have been known to acquire empty bottles, refill with fake oils, and re-shrink a seal on the top, so they can sell direct through these sites.  Some of these sites have cracked down on the scammers, but they are not always successful. Hempworx DOES NOT ALLOW it’s affiliates to sell via these sites, so if you see Hempworx branded bottles anywhere other then through an affiliate, be wary.  Please only buy cbd online from a Hempworx Independent affiliate.  This will ensure you get the highest quality and freshest CBD oil, as your order will be delivered directly from our manufacturing facility.  All purchasing links on this site go directly to Hempworx or the My Daily Choice website for ordering.